Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

North Brooklyn became my home the moment I first set foot here. Let me clarify-- I don't mean "where I live," I mean, my home. I remember my first days in the neighborhood. Walking down the street, I saw people greeting each other in front of small businesses, and long conversations held on street corners. It was clear to me that this was a real community, where I would know my neighbors and know they would have my back, and where we could share in both the daily and long term parts of life together. As I got to know my neighbors who had lived here considerably longer, I was inspired by their passion, willpower and sense of community justice. It was quickly clear to me that I wasn't the only person in love with this place-- that many of us burned with a passion for the North Brooklyn community, and possess a fierce dedication to protect it. 

Over the past ten years here I have been an activist, a volunteer, an audience member, a non-profit board member. I have spoken at city hearings and I have written in community publications. 

I love our neighborhood. While I was born and raised upstate, I have grown roots in North Brooklyn and the person I am today is completely intertwined with this community I love. There is nothing I would rather do than strengthen our neighborhood; and I promise that together we will hold our government and service providers accountable and make sure that the needs and hopes of our community are always our first priority.

Though I did not win my bid to become Female District Leader in September 2016, I hold fast to my commitment to you all.  This website is now dedicated to transparency about who I am and my viewpoints, be open to hearing yours,  and do my best to connect you to the community issues that should concern us all. 



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